Friday, September 18, 2009

Temporary Down Again!!

No time for blogging lately...
Sorry guys..
Take care...
Will update soon...

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Table of Important Discussion!!

This is the table where SEMI-D held their meetings... Although all members of SEMI-D, or actually is SEMI only, were separated during schooling days... But everytime when they have sem breaks, they gathered here to share their lives, stories, feeling etc... Truly appreciate the friendship given by the god... No matter how many obstacles ahead, we will never be apart until forever... Once friend, forever friend...

[S]ick'z - Ah Hong
[E]ric - Kiat
[M]ary-Kate - Sue Chin
[I]van - Ivan

Were never apart...


Recently I have nothing to do so I flipped back my photos and found this picture inside my handphone camera album... And I found it is very stupid to have a campaign like this with this stupid advertisement... Shall we boycott the products just to show our support for certain parties in those stupid wars? So inconvenient for not using products from this brands u know? And how about the franchisees? Zzzz... Stupid campaign indeed..

Don't be childish...
We are adult..

Tuesday, May 12, 2009



第一句 没有一百分的另一半, 只有五十分的两个人.

第二句 付出真心才会得到真心却也可能伤得彻底, 保持距离就能保护自己却也注定永远寂寞.

第三句 通常愿意留下来跟你争吵的人才是真正爱你的人.

第四句 有时侯不是对方不在乎你而是你把对方看得太重了.

第五句 冷漠 有时侯并不是无情只是一种避免被伤害的工具.

第六句 如果我们之间有1000步的距离,你只要跨出第一步,我就回朝你的方向走其余的999步.

第七句 为你的难过而快乐的是敌人,为你的快乐而快乐的是朋友,为你的难过而难过的就是那些该放进心里的人.

第八句 就算是BELIEVE中间也藏了一个LIE.

第九句 真正的好朋友并不是在一起就有聊不完的话题而是在一起就算不说话也不会感到尴尬.

第十句 朋友就是被你看透了还能喜欢你的人.

Sunday, May 3, 2009

Back!! =D

I am back!!
Struggling for final examination but fortunately, all these sufferings ended when I reached Klang at 12pm this afternoon.. Yeah!! Felt totally relieved... Like throwing off a bloody big stone from my back..
I missed out alot of things during examination period... I might be doing mistakes in handling my interpersonal relationship because I lost my rational mind during exam periods due to stress and pressure.. But now, I am free, and I knew what I actually want.. I am clear with my dreams, my aims and what do I need to do in the coming 2 months semester break so that I wont missed out anything precious in my life anymore.. As the old people said, "the chance knocks your door only once,u missed it, u'll regret!" Yes, I totally understand this theory and so, I wont let the chance flow away like that again...
And of course, not only like that.. I will do anything to save back something that I might nearly lost it too.. Nothing is impossible when we never give up and I believe I can do it!! =D
Failed to get the meaning of this post? Feels like I am crapping all the way? Seems difficult to understand? Haha.. I am talking to myself actually.. Give me a call if you really care what's happening around me..
And proudly present the following photos taken during the DEAN CEREMONY in UUM... Haha..

Not showing off ya.. Just for sharing.. =D
I will update it more often these period..
Thank you..

Monday, April 6, 2009

Temporary DOWN!!

So sorry to inform that I won't be blogging for a quite a period due to final examination... Lack of mood too... But I will keep updating my photos if I ever had a time.. Stressed... But everything will over soon... Don't worry about me, I will be fine..

Take care..

Saturday, February 28, 2009

Happy Valentine's..

Sorry for not updating… Was extremely busying lately for lots of examination especially the even number semester (2,4,6,8..) are short. But of course not to forget to celebrate special occasion happened for the last 2 months.. And to me, the most special one is “Valentine’s Day”. Guess what am I doing during this Valentine’s? Revising for the whole day in my room to prepare for the exam for the following day… Omg!! No plans? Yes of course.. Singles will feel especially lonely during the night of Feb 14 every year..
And I remembered that I was not alone during last Valentine.. Haha.. But if LOVE brings sadness and painful memories, I rather stay as the “single” status.. =D Not that eager or desperate to have another part of me.. Rather spend more time to observe than simply grab a WRONG one!! Not puppy love anymore.. 3months? 6months? Sweat man…. We are 21 years old already.. =D
However, I prepared a Valentine gift for a girl. Haha.. The followings are the illustration of the gift.. Can have a look.. Handmade..=D

This is what I received...Rough outlook.. Inside is a handphone cover actually.. =D

And this is what I gave out.. =D

Although the cost is not even RM3, but the sincerity is priceless...

Don't misunderstood.... Sometimes good friends can also exchange present during Valentine's... So please don't think like a childish person assuming that exchanging present during Valentine's means "Couple"..
Thanks... Adios!!!